Atelier Hester Glasbergen

“This course was one of my best life experiences ever”. Deborah Spears (Canada)

The amount of the sculpting class is € 495,00. The price of the houses is between € 553,00 and € 651,00 depending on the size.

Sculpting class in Italy (Tuscany)

I am Hester Glasbergen, a professional sculptor in the Netherlands, and make sculptures of stone and bronze. I also give statuary- and modelling lessons at my studio in Ede.

The surroundings, and this city in particular, are famous for its long and impressive tradition of over 2000 years of carving Alabaster stone.
Because of this old tradition, during the sculpting class, we will work also with Alabaster, a soft and calcareous stone. The high lime content of the stone is easy to work. I guarantee you, when you’re beginning to carve, you can not stop working with the stone! It’s very addictive sculpting!
At the start of the sculpture week, Roberto and Romano Bianchi will give you a very interesting tour to their quarry and laboratory in Volterra. Roberto and Romano are both Maestro d’ Alabastro. They make very beautiful Alabaster art, that is sold all around the world.
After this visit we have picked out some nice pieces of Alabaster stone from their laboratory for us to work with in the sculpting class.
The course is suitable for beginners and also for more proficient sculptors. If you don’t have tools for sculpting, that’s no problem, you can buy a basic set.

The class is four days, from 09.00 am until 01.00 pm. After lunch and on the the fifth day you can work for yourselves (of course I’m available for advice) or use this time for visiting the beautiful surroundings and you can take a relaxed trip to Volterra, Siena or St. Gimignano.

During the week we will also visit the quarry which has large chunks of alabaster stone. This quarry is in a beautiful wild area where Roberto will give us a tour and tell us a lot about the origin of alabaster, the different colours and texture.

On the first day of the week I will warmly welcome you with a dinner. There is not a problem if you wish to bring your partner and little children along. While you’re sculpting they can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, play a game, read books or use the swimming pool.
You will sleep in ancient ruins that were refurbished and converted into houses, each which have a kitchen and bathroom of their own.
You can enjoy tasty Italian food every day, the sun, the view of the rolling green hills and the beautiful fireflies that come out when it’s getting dark. Also enjoy the strong smell of the gorse and the roaring sounds of the deer that clash their antlers against each other.
Your very welcoming hosts, Roberto and his wife Jenny, will probably invite us during the week to have a dinner with their family at a long table.

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